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Consult: Our buying consultation gets you well prepared and in control. This provides us the opportunity to explain the entire process and allows you ask all your questions so you'll feel confident on setting off on your buying experience. We come to the table with over 20 years of real estate experience so whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced investor, we're able match our services to meet your individualized needs throughout the process.
Reality Check: Is it a good time to buy? Thinking ahead with any future lifestyle changes including career, relationship and family goals will help you make the right home buying decision today. Let us explain our "5 year rule" to make sure you purchase the right home so you're not forced to sell too early because your home can no longer accommodate changes in your lifestyle. This may put your home investment at risk. The real question is not “Is it the right time to buy” but rather “Is it the right time to buy for me?”
Strategize: A customized home buying strategy with specific search criteria helps us guide you on a better buying experience. Your at-a-glance strategy highlights your budget, lifestyle goals, top neighbourhoods and deal breakers.
Your Choice: Once you start viewing homes you may decide you are no longer excited about the reno job, may have to adjust your budget, don't want a rental suite, or start paying strata condo fee and you may even decide you may have to put your search on hold to save up a larger downpayment. We want you to  tell us how you really feel about a property and how you are feeling about the process. We truly want what is best for you and guarantee to help navigate this all-too-common problems and avoid unnecessary frustration.

Typically you will know when you find the right home as soon as you walk in. 
Price Advice: When you’re ready to make an offer on a home, we will provide you a clear price recommendation based on our comprehensive market analysis on comparable homes in the neighborhood.
Offer & Acceptance: Once you’ve found the home you are interested in, you will make a conditional offer. This offer will be done in writing and outline details such as price, move-in dates, and fulfilling such conditions as; finding suitable financing, obtaining a satisfactory home inspection, and/or to review any documentation pertaining to the property. The Seller has the right to accept, decline, or make a counter offer. More often than not, a counter offer is made and negotiations begin.

Upon acceptance, your mortgage professional will submit your mortgage application with the details of the property, we will work together to review all the pertinent documentation such as strata minutes, form B, survey report, and have the property inspected. This process usually takes a week and gives you a good idea on the condition of the property.
Subject Removal: Once you have met all your conditions in the accepted offer and are satisfied with the details of the property and inspection report, we will remove all subjects. The deposit is collected and you have a “firm sale”. The deposit is typically 5% of the purchase price and paid to our brokerage’s trust account at subject removal.
Conveyancing: You will need to select a Conveyancer (lawyer or notary public) to administer the transfer of ownership to be registered at the Land Titles office. We can assist you with this step if you do not have a lawyer or notary public (see professionals). Estimated costs are roughly $1000.

Your Conveyancer will arrange an appointment a couple days before the completion date for you to sign the mortgage documents, transfer title, and pay your outstanding down payment amount. Once he has obtained all the necessary documents, he will submit them to the land title office and your new home will be registered in your name.
Move In: Typically your possession date will be the following day or within a few days after the completion date. This is the day that you receive keys and can move into your new home. Handing over the keys is the most rewarding part of this business. We’ve helped hundreds of people attain this goal… we hope that you are next.

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Advantages of Home Ownership

  1. Home ownership is the single largest source of savings for Canadian households.
  2. Your payments build equity (as opposed to renting, where your money goes to the building owner).
  3. Unlike other investments that can be volatile, when you buy a home the increase in its value is relatively steady.
  4. You can use the equity in your home as security for other loans once a certain percentage of equity has been established.
  5. Buying a home and building equity is the first step on the property ladder. It gets you into the housing market, keeps you in touch with increasing house prices, and puts you in a good position to trade up to bigger and better homes as your circumstances allow.

Property Transfer Tax Update

February 16, 2016
Tax Rate ChangesAfter February 16, 2016, the property transfer tax rate is 1% on the first $200,000 and 2% of the balance up to $2,000,000 or less.If your property has a market value greater than $2,000,000 the tax rate is 3% of the purchase price or fair market value.Newly Built Home Exemption

To qualify for the new home exemption the property (land and improvement) must be registered at the land title office after February 16, 2016 and meet the following requirements:You must be an individual and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, the property must be located in B.C

The property may only be used as your principal residence and have a purchase price / fair market value of $750,000 or less.

You must move into your new home within 92 days of the after the property was registered and you must
occupy the property as your main residence for the first year.

You may qualify for a partial exemption, if the property has a fair market value greater than $750,000 and less than $800,000